College Mission Trip

Relationship-building on their mission trip!Looking for a place to take a college service trip?  Join us for a service trip in Minneapolis.  Spring break trips, summer trips, and January trips are all possibilities.

The college Urban Plunge experience is customizable based on the needs of the school.  Faith-based and secular trips are both possible. A large emphasis of the trip for college groups will be exploring the various cultures of the Twin Cities including the Somalian, Hmong, and Hispanic cultures.  College groups can choose to lead their own evening reflection sessions or have one of our trained staff lead them. 

A typical college Urban Plunge trip has the group volunteer at two different locations during the day, visit one cultural site, eat dinner at a local ethnic restaurant, and debrief at a local “hot spot” (unique park or venue in Minneapolis or St. Paul).  An additional option would be to have the Urban Plunge focus on a specific issue (homelessness, immigration, developing nations, etc) and our staff will schedule your volunteer experiences to address that specific issue.

Custom service trips are available in one-day, weekend, three-day, or five-day lengths (or request a custom length). 

Ready to book a group or just inquire for more information?  Please email us at or Click on the REGISTER NOW button in the left margin of this page and complete the registration page.  A staff member will contact you with more information.