Summer Plunge (Mission trip) leader

Urban Plunge is the service program that Latreia runs throughout the year.  We are looking for 3-4 young adults to be team leaders (hosts) for groups.  To qualify, you must be at least 19 years of age and be a person who:

  •             Has faith in Jesus Christ
  •             Has a passion for serving/volunteering
  •             Is a leader who enjoys spending time with people
  •             Enjoys working with all ages, especially young people
  •             Has experience with mission/service work (preferred but not required)

Plunge leaders stay overnight and serve with the mission groups and serve as the trip leaders.  They also lead morning Bible studies and nightly reflection sessions.  All meals and lodging expenses are included for the trip leaders during Plunges.  Summer housing may be provided.

Latreia will be accepting applications for employment for full-time summer leaders through April 15th and will be accepted and hired on a rolling basis.  Please send your resume and cover letter to Shawn via email: Team Leader (September-May) Part-time Positions

The job description is the same as the summer team leader position listed above but is limited to weekend employment (and possibly work in January over break) during the academic school year. The pay is between $100-$200/weekend and is based on the length of trip that you are leading. Resumes will be accepted on an on-going basis and should be submitted to Shawn@latreia.org.

Summer Program Director

Latreia is seeking someone to serve as the coordinator/supervisor of our summer Urban Plunge program. The job requires 10 hours/week for May and 20-30 hours/week for June and July only. Interested applicants should email their resume and cover letter to Shawn@latreia.org by April 15th.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Supervision of summer team leaders
  • Creation of summer team leader training based on the summer theme verse
  • Communication with group leaders
  • Networking with Minneapolis non-profit organizations
  • Researching new volunteer opportunities
  • Website maintenence
  • Leading group orientation and departure sessions for incoming groups (includes evenings and weekends)
  • Scheduling of all volunteer opportunities
  • Utilizing Quickbooks and maintaining the program budget


Intern Positions

Marketing Intern

We are looking for a qualified college student to design and create marketing materials for both the web and for print.  This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and build a portfolio by working for a non-profit!  10-15 hours/week is all that is required.  Please send your resume and cover letter to Shawn via email: Shawn@latreia.org.