*2018 Cost/Person

Please note that we accept groups of all sizes but based on staffing expenses need to charge various amounts to cover our costs.  Groups smaller than 15 may still be eligible for larger group prices if they are willing to combine with other groups for their Urban Plunge. Contact for more information.

For groups of 15+ people:

Youth enjoying their Urban Plunge!

  • One Day: $50
  • One Day with overnight: $60
  • Weekend : $120    
  • 3 Day Service Trip: $175  
  • 5 Day Service Trip: $250   

For groups of 8-14 people:

  • One Day: $60 
  • One Day with overnight: $70
  • Two Day/Weekend : $140   
  • 3 Day Service Trip: $185  
  • 5 Day Service Trip: $260

*For groups of fewer than 8, please email for pricing.

Why is there a cost difference between weekend and three day trips?

Weekend trips are cheaper than 3-day trips because of the length of the trip. Weekends are essentially 1.5 days of serving and three day trips are 2.5-3 days of serving. The additional work involved to set-up the 3-day and the extra meals make the 3-day trip more expensive.

Where does our money go?

Our money goes towards a variety of different places and things. For example, we have a partnership with several other non-profit organizations that receive funds from our groups, in addition to partnering with many local ethnic restaurants. We feel that although it would be more cost-effective to make meals on our own and to work independently with our groups, the partnerships we have create a stronger Twin Cities community and support the work of other great non-profits! Here is a rough break-down of where your money goes (however, the percentages vary based on the size of the group):

45% goes to paying the summer team leaders and staff

28% goes towards food (including supporting local ethnic restaurant owners!)

20% goes towards supporting other non-profits & ministries

7% goes towards program costs (materials, gas, etc)

5% goes towards administrative costs