Trip Info

We provide mission trips/service trips in Minneapolis/St. Paul with the hope that groups can experience God through serving others in a large metro area that needs the volunteers.  Here are a few questions you might be wondering:

Is it safe?Crazy pose at one of our favorite debriefing locations!

Absolutely, but of course nothing can be guaranteed.  Yet, we have never even had so much as a car get broken into while a group is here on Latreia. 

Where do we stay?

In a youth center in North Minneapolis.  There are carpeted, air-conditioned classrooms where you sleep and there is also a gymnasium that can be used for additional sleeping space for groups larger than 20.

What are trips like?

We like to think every trip is different because so much of how a mission trip plays out has to do with the people who make-up the group.  A junior high group from rural Nebraska will likely experience the Twin Cities very differently than a college group from Chicago.  The Twin Cities metro is a beautiful place to serve regardless of your group's background, age, or size of group.  Most trips allow you the chance to volunteer at 3 different locations as well as eat out at ethnic restaurants and debrief the day at some of our favorite tourist spots.  You may find yourself volunteering downtown, visiting a local non-profit on the north side, eating a meal on "Eat Street" and relaxing in one of our beautiful gardens all in one day.  If you have a specific request for you group, we'd love to hear it!