Why Latreia?

Why Latreia?

We’re Local

Latreia’s staff live and work in Minneapolis.  Latreia partners with local Minneapolis non-profits to provide volunteers all year, not just for one season.  We focus on just one community and ultimately hope the connection we make between your group and the Minneapolis organizations is beneficial for both parties.

We’re Culture-focused

Did you know Minneapolis has the largest U.S. population of six different ethnic groups?  Our trips create awareness about different cultures and people groups through prayer tours and ethnic dinners!  Prayer tours share statistics and information about the urban challenges and triumphs in Minneapolis. For dinner, Latreia partners with local ethnic restaurant owners to give each group a unique taste of the other side of the world.  Favorites include Ethiopian, Mediterranean, and Ecuadorian.  Our goal is to send you back home feeling like you’ve experienced the Twin Cities melting pot!

We’re Affordable

Most mission trips cost $300 or more.  We strive to keep our costs as low as possible because our lives have been changed by the service trip experience and we want the same experience for as many people as possible.

We’re Flexible

Each group is different so why should each trip be the same?  We customize trips based on the group’s interests and time constraints.  We offer one-day, weekend, three-day, and five-day trips all year so time-off is not a constraint.  If you want a different length trip, please contact us and we’d be happy to arrange one!  If you want a trip that focuses on homelessness, on world issues, or on a specific ethnic group, let us know.  We’ll set it up!

We’re Christ-centered

Our mission is to help Christ show you where your gifts lie in serving God’s kingdom.  By experiencing so many different types of volunteer opportunities, our desire is that you would go home feeling like you have a better grasp of 1) how God is at work in Minneapolis 2) the gifts God has given YOU to serve people in your own community!

Faith Community has been coming to do an Urban Plunge for 7 years in a row!